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Taizhou Yaxing Sanitaryware Co.,Ltd.is a professional manufacturer and exporter of sanitarywares with nearly 20 years of experience in development, manufacturing and sales services. Professional design, production and sales of Faucet. China Feminine washers Basin faucet Manufacturers

With complete types and various of variety, our sanitarywares products are widely used in kitchen, hotel, bathroom. As a professional Wholesale Feminine washers Basin faucet Factory, we always pay great attention to quality control.

We have implemented the QC policy of ISO9001, which has a procedure system from Gravity casting, forging ,machining, polishing, plating, laser etching, assembling, leakage testing, cleaning and packing .We also have got the certification of CE SASO.

With the pursuit of "colorful life, wonderful life", YAXING always provides timely feedback, adequate stock, absolute guarantee of quality, timely delivery and other services. So enjoy good reputation at home and abroad!

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Use of Feminine washers Basin faucet.
A feminine wash basin faucet is designed to provide women with a convenient and hygienic way to clean their intimate areas. It is typically installed in a separate wash basin next to the toilet, and is equipped with a sprayer that can be used to direct water flow for gentle cleansing.Using a feminine wash basin faucet can help women feel cleaner and fresher, especially during menstruation or after sexual activity. It can also be useful for women who have certain medical conditions or disabilities that make regular cleaning difficult.
To use a feminine wash basin faucet, simply turn on the water and adjust the temperature and water pressure as needed. Then, use the sprayer to direct the water flow towards the area you wish to clean. Be sure to avoid using harsh soaps or cleansers, as these can disrupt the natural balance of the vagina and lead to irritation or infection.After use, be sure to clean the sprayer thoroughly to prevent the buildup of bacteria or other harmful microorganisms. It is also important to maintain good hygiene by washing your hands before and after use, and by regularly cleaning the wash basin itself.

Feminine washers Basin faucet usage scenarios.
Feminine washers or bidet faucets are often used for personal hygiene purposes and are commonly found in bathrooms in many parts of the world. Here are a few usage scenarios for these types of faucets:Cleaning: Bidet faucets are often used for cleaning the genital area after using the toilet. This can be especially helpful during menstruation or after sexual activity.
Pregnancy and Postpartum: During pregnancy and postpartum recovery, bidet faucets can be used for gentle cleaning and hygiene, providing relief from discomfort or irritation.Mobility: For individuals with mobility issues or disabilities, bidet faucets can make it easier to maintain personal hygiene without the need to stand up or use a traditional toilet.Religious Observance: In some cultures, bidet faucets are used for religious observance, particularly for the Islamic practice of cleansing after using the toilet.
Environmental Impact: Using bidet faucets can reduce the amount of toilet paper needed, reducing waste and helping to reduce environmental impact.Overall, bidet faucets can provide a more thorough and hygienic cleaning experience compared to using toilet paper alone.
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