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The Wei Yu Space With Unique Insight, Solve Life How Many Big Thing

The space that defend bath in the home often is not very big, but have a kind however "chongchong-chong-zhong" sense.  You can be in this not big space, solve many things, discharge poison raises yan, bath change clothes, read read a newspaper, I want quietly, ponder life......  It seemed more private and eclectic than any living room, bedroom, dining room or kitchen.  So, spend some of energy, time, make toilet appears particularly necessary.  We look at the decoration of the space that defend bath in the home today, equip, give everybody a few inspiration.  

Say of the bathroom decorate, metope, ground is very important one annulus.  The laid of ceramic tile can lay the fundamental key of a bathroom.  The ceramic tile of different color, matte, frosted, brick face without texture, the size of ceramic tile, the collocation of different ceramic tile in a space are the key to clear style.  

"Black and white grey" it is contracted atmosphere the common color collocation of the space that defend bath.  But even simpler white tiles can give a space different tonality because of different sizes.  Easy white ceramic tile looks simple atmosphere, small rectangular ceramic tile has little restoring ancient ways, classic square white ceramic tile can be installed a literary wind.  

Of course, of different style reflect, not depend on the use of a kind of ceramic tile merely, still have the collocation between different money, for instance the echo of black and white ceramic tile, the use of black and white grain is waited a moment.  

Besides the use of ceramic tile, of lamplight cooperate also can let this little space shine at a stroke rise.  Generally speaking, more commonly used is small shoot the lamp.  Lamplight is hit in different position, different tonal light, give toilet different feeling  。

Besides lamplight, another can increase the configuration of bathroom small style is the greenery of a basin.  In the apartment we talked about before, there is no lack of use for green plants, in fact, to the toilet, but also the same.  If it is only "black, white and grey" tone, although simple and clean, the lack of some comfortable and comfortable feeling.  A simple green plant, can give this space a very aerobic, very vivid sense.  We look at it and feel good.  Of course, the space that defend bath, "bath" it is an important function.  So, the shower flower that a comfortable bath crock, a whole is aspersed is very necessary investment.  Of course, still can be a group of flowers asperse, it is the life, it is characteristic.

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