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Asia Tiles: Energy Saving, Environmental Protection, Safety And Rest Assured

Foshan Nanhai District government has purchased 10 unmanned helicopters, eight of which are in operation, to investigate environmental safety problems in the production process, sources said.  

It is understood that at the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, safety accidents continue across the country, foshan unmanned helicopter investigation is not only environmental problems, safety problems are also within the scope of inspection.  

Environmental protection will be a heavy burden on ceramic enterprises in 2015, but safety issues can not be ignored.  Ceramic enterprises such as gas pipes, as long as there is a single accident, the consequences will be very serious, the government will stop the production of enterprises, therefore, in 2015, for the safety and environmental protection of ceramic enterprises, the government will adopt a veto mechanism.  

In the face of new environmental standards and regulatory measures such as unmanned helicopters, Asiatic tiles show no pressure, because when it comes to environmental and safety issues, Asiatic tiles never tolerate negligence and carelessness.  

In environmental protection, tile Asia since the brand since its inception, always pursues the concept of green production, and vigorously promote energy conservation and emissions reduction project, using a number of advanced production technology of environmental protection industry, ceramic industry for the first time using gas desulfurization, waste water, waste residue zero emission clean production mode, and achieved fruitful results, environmental protection, in addition to the use of coke, desulfurization equipment, make no peculiar smell in the air.  

In terms of safety, Asia tile production plant is modern and beautiful, the layout is neat and orderly, and the production workshop has achieved the "7S" standard management, in the 7S (sorting, rectification, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, safety and saving), a very important one is safety.  

Asiatic tile production workshop USES the automatic feeding machine, fully automatic computer controlled under pressure machine, automatic machine, automatic polishing line, automatic edge grinding machine, fully automatic packaging machine, from raw materials to packaging to fully automatic machine operation, the large extent ensures the safety of staff in the workshop, which fully reflects the Asiatic tile development of people-oriented concept,  As well as Asian tile modernization, internationalization of multinational enterprise style. 

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