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What material is good for the main body of the shower faucet?

This article will give you a detailed introduction to the main body of the shower --- the knowledge of the dry goods of the faucet.
1. The "brain" of the shower
Just as people rely on the brain to make decisions and solve complex problems, the most important and essential water discharge function of the shower is controlled by the main body of the faucet. The showers commonly used in the home usually have multiple water outlet methods, such as the three-function water outlet of the hand shower, the top spray water, and the bottom water outlet. Without the control of the main body of the faucet, it is impossible to realize the water outlet and switch between different water outlet modes. Therefore, it is very important to choose a faucet body with solid materials and good craftsmanship!
From the outside, there is nothing special about the main body of the faucet, but the internal structure of the faucet is very precise, mainly composed of the body, the water distributor and the valve core.
2. Main body material of faucet
At present, the main bodies of shower faucets on the market are mainly made of brass and stainless steel.
Stainless steel has the advantages of corrosion resistance and not easy to rust. The surface is brushed, so there is no need to worry about the plating layer falling off. However, the processing technology of stainless steel is complicated, and the processing technology is not as mature as brass. The precision is not as high as brass, and the cost is high and the price is high. Non-market mainstream materials.
Brass is the material of shower faucets commonly used in the industry. Copper itself has antibacterial effect, and the national standard controls the lead content of H59 brass to less than 0.5%, which is enough to ensure the health and safety of water for daily use.
The surface of the brass is chrome-plated, and the electroplating layer is as bright as a mirror, which makes the whole faucet full of texture.
3. Gravity casting
The following focuses on the main body of the brass faucet.
The faucet of the big brand shower head is not only made of brass, but also remarkable in processing technology. The main body of the entire faucet is gravity-cast and integrally formed without additional splicing, which truly meets the precision requirements, avoids water leakage and dripping problems during the shower, and has a longer service life.
The reason why it is emphasized here that the faucet adopts an integrated casting process is that there is a copper shell wrapped with a plastic inner core on the market.
The shell of the faucet is made of brass and has been electroplated. It is no different from the one-piece casting process in appearance. Because the faucet is a closed structure, consumers cannot see the internal structure. In order to save production costs, some businesses reduce the price of showers. , to enhance market competitiveness and cut corners inside the faucet, using a copper shell-wrapped plastic inner core structure.
The main body of the one-piece cast faucet opens and closes smoothly, and has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance and leakage prevention. When showering, hot water flows through the main body, and the surface will not be hot to the touch. However, if the plastic core material is covered with a copper shell, the problem of low leakage is prone to occur after a long time of use, and because the copper shell is thin, the main body of the faucet will be hot when hot water flows through it, and there is a risk of scalding in the shower.
It is recommended that when purchasing a shower head, you must choose gravity casting, and the main body of the faucet is integrally processed to ensure the safety of the family's shower.
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