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How to Choose a Kitchen Sink Faucet?

1. It is more convenient to choose a tall faucet for the kitchen sink, and the spout should be able to extend above the drain, so as not to splash water. It can meet various needs of use. The kitchen sink faucet can be rotated left and right, and the sink on the left and right can be used.
2. Kitchen sink faucets are generally made of brass. Due to the kitchen environment, pure copper is not necessarily the best choice. The outer layer of the faucet is generally electroplated to prevent internal brass from corroding and rusting.
3. Compared with pure copper faucets, 304 stainless steel sink faucets have the characteristics of no lead, alkali resistance, no corrosion, and no pollution to water sources. Moreover, stainless steel faucets do not require electroplating, are not easy to rust, and are easy to clean. The price is relatively high.
4. Due to the large amount of oil fume in the kitchen, the faucet is easily stained with oil, and cleaning becomes a worrying problem. The surface of the faucet is easy to lose gloss after repeated cleaning. If the faucet has been used for a period of time and the coating changes color or falls off, then we must understand the warranty time when purchasing the faucet. The sink faucet should generally not be less than 3 years, and some can be used for 5 years.
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