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Hidden Two Handle  Shower Faucet

Hidden Two Handle Shower Faucet

Introduction:There are many kinds of shower faucets on the market. The material difference has copper and zinc alloy, copper's service life and surface are better than zinc alloy. Zinc alloy price is much cheaper than copper, suitable for those buyers with lower budget. The difference in water spout is that there are many kinds of spout, some are longer, some are flat, or round, square. No matter what material ,the faucet has a lot of designs, as long as water can come out, it can design all sorts of modelling, of course price also is different. Each faucet fit to accessories are also different, these can be matched according to the requirements of the buyer. The difference on the faucet main body is that some of the water dividers are on the main body, and some of the water dividers need to be connected extra. The difference between handle switches is that some use a single handle to control the temperature of the water, and some use two separate handles to control the cold and hot water, each with its own benefits.


Product feature and application

• With the red and blue index marks, the Faucet can adjust the water temperature through a handle or two handle, which is convenient to use.

• The high-quality ceramic valve core or brass cartridge makes the taps more durable and leak-free.

• With a zinc handle, the body of the taps is made of brass (59%). The surface is chrome plated, anti-rust, corrosion-resistant, and very durable.

Details & specifications


hidden two handle  shower faucet






Zhejiang, China

Faucet Holes


Number Of Handles


Low Lead Compliant






Installation Type

Wall Mounted


Cold hot Water


Braided Hose +Fixing Fitting



HS Code


Warranty  Period

5 Year For Body, 3 Years For Ceramic Valve 

Working Water Pressure



Product Overview

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