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Taizhou Yaxing Sanitaryware Co.,Ltd.is a professional manufacturer and exporter of sanitarywares with nearly 20 years of experience in development, manufacturing and sales services. Professional design, production and sales of Faucet. China Shower Faucet Manufacturers

With complete types and various of variety, our sanitarywares products are widely used in kitchen, hotel, bathroom. As a professional Wholesale Shower Faucet Factory, we always pay great attention to quality control.

We have implemented the QC policy of ISO9001, which has a procedure system from Gravity casting, forging ,machining, polishing, plating, laser etching, assembling, leakage testing, cleaning and packing .We also have got the certification of CE SASO.

With the pursuit of "colorful life, wonderful life", YAXING always provides timely feedback, adequate stock, absolute guarantee of quality, timely delivery and other services. So enjoy good reputation at home and abroad!

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Benefits of Shower Faucets.
Shower faucets provide several benefits, including:Control of water temperature: Shower faucets allow you to control the temperature of the water to your liking, ensuring you can have a comfortable and enjoyable shower.Water conservation: Many shower faucets are designed to be water-efficient, meaning they can help you save water and reduce your water bills.Convenience: Shower faucets make it easy to switch between different spray patterns and adjust the water flow rate, making your shower experience more convenient and enjoyable.
Improved hygiene: Shower faucets can help maintain good hygiene by allowing you to easily rinse away dirt and bacteria from your body.Style and aesthetics: Shower faucets come in a range of styles and finishes, allowing you to choose one that complements the decor of your bathroom and adds to its overall aesthetics.Overall, shower faucets are an essential part of any bathroom and provide a range of benefits that make showering a more enjoyable and convenient experience.

How to use Shower Faucet?
Here are some general steps on how to use a shower faucet:Turn on the water supply: Before turning on the shower faucet, make sure that the water supply to the bathroom is turned on. This is usually done by turning a valve located near the main water supply to the house.Adjust the water temperature: Most shower faucets have a handle or knob that you can use to adjust the water temperature. Turn it to the left for hot water and to the right for cold water. The exact method for adjusting the temperature may vary depending on the type of shower faucet you have.
Turn on the water flow: Once you have set the water temperature to your liking, turn on the water flow by pulling the shower diverter knob or handle. This will allow the water to flow from the faucet and into the showerhead.Adjust the showerhead: If you want to adjust the flow of water or the direction of the showerhead, you can usually do so by moving the showerhead or using a separate handle or knob to control the flow.
Turn off the water flow: When you are done using the shower, turn off the water flow by pushing the shower diverter knob or handle back into its original position. Make sure that the water has completely stopped flowing before leaving the bathroom.It's important to note that the exact steps for using a shower faucet may vary depending on the make and model of the faucet. It's always a good idea to consult the manufacturer's instructions for specific guidance on how to use your particular shower faucet.
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