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Teach you how to distinguish the types of faucets

Faucets are essential hardware in modern home life. The appearance of hot and cold faucets makes our home life more convenient and comfortable. How to distinguish the various faucets on the market?
Functionally, it can be divided into
1. Triple bathtub faucet: There are two water outlets, one is connected to the bathtub shower, and the other is connected to the faucet under the shower for shower.
2. Double-connected basin faucet: used above all kinds of basins in the bathroom. The outlet water is short and low, mainly used for washing and cleaning.
3. Multi-functional kitchen faucet: generally double, can be connected with hot and cold water. The water outlet is higher, the front end of the faucet is longer, and some even have hoses, which can be rotated from multiple angles for washing.
Structurally, it can be divided into
1. Single handle type: characterized by flexible switch, long service life, fast and convenient temperature adjustment.
2. The faucet with a 90-degree start is characterized by the use of ceramic chips for sealing on the basis of the traditional double-handle. When the faucet is turned on and off, it can be adjusted by 90 degrees on both sides of the hot and cold water. It is easy to open, with various styles and various shapes.
3. Traditional spiral steady lift type: large water output and low price (currently less used).
4. Stainless steel hollow ball seal and stem seal: generally used for imported faucets, and some are even fully temperature-controlled, which are expensive
Let's talk about the maintenance of faucets:
1. The products with faucet outlet screen cover shall be removed and washed after a period of use to remove impurities. For products with hoses, attention should be paid to keep the hoses in a natural stretch state to avoid breaking.
2. The faucet that has not been used for a long time will sometimes have the phenomena of incomplete closing, leakage, loose handle, loose connection and water leakage. Usually, it is due to the hard sundries blocking the sealing port. At this time, just remove the handwheel and unscrew the valve cover, clean the impurities around the valve core, and then install it as it is before returning to normal use. If the sealing water nozzle of ceramic disc valve core is not closed completely, the sealing surface may be scratched by hard debris or the preload applied to the valve core may be insufficient. For the latter, just remove the handle (handwheel) and tighten the valve core slightly.
3. There are generally two reasons for the handle (handwheel) loosening: one is that the handle (handwheel) is not fastened properly due to negligence during assembly, so it is only necessary to tighten the fastening screws. The second is the poor material selection of the handle (handwheel), which is mainly caused by the premature oxidation and corrosion of the connection between the handle (handwheel) and the valve core, resulting in the increase of the gap, and generally there is no remedy. Therefore, try not to use low-grade faucets
4. In case of leakage at the connection part of the faucet, it is usually caused by not tightening during assembly, and only needs to be tightened. Sometimes, a faucet is perfect in all aspects, but when it is turned off, it will feel like dripping water. At this time, it depends on the length of water dripping, whether it drips continuously and the number of water drops. The longer dripping time may sometimes last for 4 or 5 minutes, with a total of about ten drops. If the amount of water dripping is equal to the residual water in the faucet mouth after the water source is closed, it is normal.
5. After using for a period of time, if the water output decreases, or even the water heater flameout occurs, the filter screen of the faucet may be blocked. Gently unscrew the bubbler at the outlet of the faucet, remove the filter screen cover, and remove the impurities. Generally, it can be restored as new.
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