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How an Infrared Faucet Works

The infrared faucet works with a proximity sensor and is designed to open the valve when your hands approach it. When your hands are no longer detectable, the faucet will automatically close. It makes the sink experience safer and more convenient. You can install one in your bathroom or kitchen today. This type of faucet will save you money on water bills and time by preventing leaks.

Compared to a traditional faucet, this type of infrared faucet will save you a significant amount of water. This type of faucet is also designed for commercial use. These faucets are perfect for public restrooms, hospitals, and restaurants. They are not only energy efficient, but they also prevent the transmission of germs from one person to another. It also features an adjustable timer and sensor, which can be adapted to different situations.

An faucet operates by sending infrared light to a sensor capsule located near the spout. When an object passes between the sensor capsule and the emitter, a signal is sent back to the receiver diode. This signal triggers a solenoid valve to open and close. The valve will open and close when a solid object is in the range of the emitter.

Most infrared faucets are equipped with PSD or Bluetooth technology. This technology detects the presence of an object and enables you to adjust and track the faucet from a distance. A dealer in your area will be able to help you understand how these touchless faucets work and help you choose the right one for your home.
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