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How to choose a faucet

In the bathroom decoration, the importance of the faucet is self-evident, although it is only a small piece of hardware, but it is essential in daily life. However, there are many faucet products on the market now, and the quality is uneven, and it is easy to step on the pit if you are not careful. Therefore, let me share with you some tips for buying bathroom faucets, as well as recommendations for good faucet brands.
Buying skills 1: faucet material
The overall material of brass faucet cartridge the faucet is very important. If a bad material is selected, it is easy to cause metal pollution, which will cause harm to the human body. At present, there are mainly stainless steel, copper, zinc alloy, plastic and other materials on the market. Among them, it is recommended that you try to choose the copper faucet with the most balanced comprehensive performance.
Buying skills two: valve core
If there is a water leakage problem in the faucet at home, it is likely to be caused by the poor material of the valve core, so it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the valve core when purchasing.
In addition to the above two aspects, everyone should pay attention to choosing well-known brands with good reputation, so as to ensure the quality and quality of products. If you don't know which brand is the best, you can take a look at the bathroom faucets of Yaxing Sanitary Ware, which not only provide many award-winning designs, but also guarantee the most stringent quality and comfort for consumers.
In terms of product design, Yaxing Sanitary Ware provides a rich product series, and all the faucets are designed by the industry-renowned Phoenix Design Studio and have won many awards. No matter what kind of design and style you want, you can find it here in Yaxing Sanitary Ware. And there are a variety of bathroom faucets to choose from, such as basin faucets, bidet faucets, bathtub faucets, etc. Yaxing Sanitary Ware provides suitable products.
In terms of product use, Yaxing Sanitary Ware has developed a series of innovative technologies to match different types of faucets, which can bring a more comfortable experience. For example, EcoSmart intelligent water-saving technology can continuously and steadily reduce water consumption and energy consumption, and AirPower air injection technology can bring energetic water out, etc., all of which will give us a wonderful and comfortable feeling of operation.
The above is the relevant content of bathroom faucet purchase and brand. I hope everyone can choose the product that suits them.


Product feature and application

• With the red and blue index marks, the Faucet can adjust the water temperature through a handle, which is convenient to use.

• The high-quality ceramic valve core makes the taps more durable and leak-free.

• With a zinc handle, the body of the taps is made of brass (59%). The surface is chrome plated, anti-rust, corrosion-resistant, and very durable.

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